Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I heart yarn! (especially if it's free)

I know I'm a yarn addict. I admit it. Nothing can excite me more than a trip to the store for yarn. On Saturday the local Zellers had a buy one get one free day. Now who amongst you can resist FREE yarn? Certainly not I. I started planning what I wanted to get and what I would be making with it so I wouldn't go overboard. (Yes, I have a tendency for doing this, don't you?) I told dh and the boys I would meet them in 1 hour at the mall entrance. I was a little dismayed to find that they had cut down the amount of yarn they now carry but I still managed to find a "few" things I wanted. It was a hard decision but I finally picked out my goodies and was pretty much on time. I decided to head for the checkout and when I got to the main isle I found the missing yarn that was no longer in the yarn isle. It was right there in front of me and it was on tables marked CLEARANCE! (Ok, it was a little to the left of me but still.) I knew I didn't have any time to spare yet I just couldn't walk away without looking. I made the split second decision to stay and look and fondle and caress. They would find me if they really wanted to. All they had to do was locate the shoppping cart with lots of yarn. So off to the clearance tables I went. I then had to rethink what I was going to buy and make. I am no good at hasty decisions, never have been but I managed. One lady (obviously not a yarn lover/coveter) looked at me as if I was nuts and managed a comment about the quantity in my cart! The nerve! I can only come to the conclusion that she must have been jealous. I made my way to checkout and when I got there, I was overjoyed to find out that the clearance yarn was also not only half off the ticketed price, but was also buy one get one free! I just about fainted. Now I had a $30.00 gift card and I have been saving store points for a long time and I couldn't think of anything better to use them on. SO MY ENTIRE YARN PURCHASE WAS FREE. How great is that? I am doing the happy dance :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WOW! Long time no blog

I absolutely love to read other people's blogs. They are so interesting and informative. I love to hear about the things others make and the places they go. You all lead such interesting lives. I on the other hand have very little to say. Not much happens in my world. I don't even know how to add pictures to my blog. I guess I need a tutorial and a few lessons. I hope to get better at this someday.

Any words of wisdom out there for me?